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Forensic DNA Test (Autosomal STR)

Common uses for Forensic testing:

1. Missing individual in relationship test
When a relationship test such as a paternity test is required but one or more parties in the test are missing or deceased and cannot submit a regular buccal swab sample using our test kit, a forensic sample can be used. The cost is $250 per forensic sample in addition to the regular cost of the relationship test. If forensic testing is required, you must get the forensic test completed first to see if the sample works. If a full profile is obtained from the forensic sample, you can go ahead and order the relationship test separately and ask to use the results of the forensic test in the place of the missing individual in the relationship test. When placing the order for the relationship test, please write the following information into the comments box of the online order form: the Order ID# and password for the forensic test, the individual that the forensic test is for, such as the alleged father, or the child, etc. If you need assistance, please call or email the laboratory and we can assist you to link the forensic test to the relationship test.

2. Infidelity Testing

A stain on clothing or bedsheets, etc. can be tested to see if it contains male DNA. It can also be tested to see if it contains the DNA sample of 1 individual or a mixture of fluids from more than 1 individual. If a profile can be obtained, it can be matched to yourself or a suspect to see who the sample came from. The cost is $250 per forensic sample. The full cost of the test applies for each sample tested, even if a partial profile or no profile is obtainable from the sample after testing is complete.
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What is the best type of forensic sample and what if the sample that I submit does not have enough DNA?

The best types of forensic samples are:

1. 3 to 5 pieces of hair freshly plucked from the head with roots attached (not cut hair, and not hair that has fallen naturally from the head).
2. Dried blood such as blood on a bandage.
3. Used toothbrush or other types of mouth swab or mouth brush

Please note that if the forensic sample that you submit has intact DNA, then a full profile can be obtained. However, if the forensic sample that you have submitted does not contain DNA or has degraded DNA, then no profile or only a partial profile can be obtained, but the full cost of the forensic test still applies.

If you plan to use your forensic results in a paternity test (or any other relationship test type), do not order the relationship test until your forensic test is completed and a full profile has been obtained.
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