Forensic DNA Test (Autosomal STR)

$250 (per sample)
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The results of the forensic test can be used to answer a number of questions, including the following:

  • Is there male DNA in the sample?
  • Does the sample contain bodily fluids from one individual or more than one individual?
  • Who is it? If a profile is obtained from the test, you can match it to yourself or to a suspect to see whose DNA is in the sample.

DNA testing begins immediately the day that your samples arrive at the laboratory and is completed within 3 to 6 weeks. In some special situations, additional testing may be required, which could increase the turnaround time by a few extra days. You can check the status of your test online 24/7 using your secure account login. Your test results will be sent to you as soon as your testing has been completed.

After ordering your test, you will receive a forensic testing kit in the mail. Complete all of the forms included in the kit and follow the instructions in the kit to send the sample back to us for testing. You can use regular mail or courier. We highly recommend using courier to send your samples to us so that you can track your shipment. Do not ship anything of value.

No. Your samples will either be consumed during testing or securely destroyed after testing has been completed. Do not send us anything of value because your sample will not be returned to you. If you have an item of value, you can follow our collection instructions to take a sample from the item for submission, so that you do not need to send the actual item to us.

If your sample contains intact DNA, then a full DNA profile will be obtained. However, if your sample does not contain DNA or contains degraded DNA, then only a partial profile or no profile at all is obtained. Even if no profile is obtained, the complete forensic testing cost still applies for each sample that is submitted.

Yes, your results are 100% confidential. No one will be able to access your account or your results unless you give them your confidential account login. You can change the password to your account at any time. Please remember to safeguard your login information and do not share it with anyone.

If a DNA profile is obtained from your sample, you can find out if the DNA belongs to you or to someone else. This is done by testing your own sample or the sample of someone you suspect, and comparing the resulting DNA profile to the one found in the sample in question. If the DNA profile of the sample is a perfect match, then you can be confident that the sample belong to that person. If the DNA profile of the sample does not match, then the sample definitely does not belong to that person.

You can choose to receive your results by mail, email or both. If you choose email for your results, your report will be sent to you by email as soon as the test is completed.

The test can tell you whether male biological material is present in the sample, but it cannot tell you what type of fluid it is. For example, it cannot tell you whether the male sample is semen or saliva or urine. It can only tell you that the sample is biological material from a male individual. If semen is present in the sample, then it will be detected as the presence of male DNA.

If a mixed sample is submitted, then the DNA test will show that the sample contains biological material from more than one individual. This is often the case when a stain on a bedsheet or underwear contains semen from the male and discharge from the female. Even if a sample is mixed, you can still try to match it to a suspect to see if the suspect's DNA is a match to the DNA in the mixture. However, the test cannot separate the sample into individual components.

Common uses for Forensic testing:

Missing individual in relationship test

When a relationship test such as a paternity test is required but one or more parties in the test are missing or deceased and cannot submit a regular buccal swab sample using our test kit, a forensic sample can be used. The cost is $250 per forensic sample in addition to the regular cost of the relationship test. If forensic testing is required, you must get the forensic test completed first to see if the sample works. If a full profile is obtained from the forensic sample, you can go ahead and order the relationship test separately and ask to use the results of the forensic test in the place of the missing individual in the relationship test. When placing the order for the relationship test, please write the following information into the comments box of the online order form: the Order ID# and password for the forensic test, the individual that the forensic test is for, such as the alleged father, or the child, etc. If you need assistance, please call or email the laboratory and we can assist you to link the forensic test to the relationship test.

Infidelity Testing

A stain on clothing or bedsheets, etc. can be tested to see if it contains male DNA. It can also be tested to see if it contains the DNA sample of 1 individual or a mixture of fluids from more than 1 individual. If a profile can be obtained, it can be matched to yourself or a suspect to see who the sample came from. The cost is $250 per forensic sample. The full cost of the test applies for each sample tested, even if a partial profile or no profile is obtainable from the sample after testing is complete.

What is the best type of forensic sample and what if the sample that I submit does not have enough DNA?

The best types of forensic samples are:

Please note that if the forensic sample that you submit has intact DNA, then a full profile can be obtained. However, if the forensic sample that you have submitted does not contain DNA or has degraded DNA, then no profile or only a partial profile can be obtained, but the full cost of the forensic test still applies.

If you plan to use your forensic results in a paternity test (or any other relationship test type), do not order the relationship test until your forensic test is completed and a full profile has been obtained.

What can be tested?

  1. Hair with roots that have been plucked, not cut (cut hair will not work)
  2. Used toothbrushes
  3. Razor shavings
  4. Used condoms
  5. Stains on clothing
  6. Used tissues with biological fluid
  7. Stains on bedsheets
  8. Dried blood, saliva or semen stains
  9. Licked stamps or envelopes
  10. Chewed gum
  11. Cigarette butts
  12. Saliva on used cups, cutlery or wind instruments
  13. Used sanitary napkins
  14. Nail clippings
  15. Used dental floss
  16. Earwax
  17. Used toothpick
  18. Sperm/semen
  19. Mouth swabs
  20. Bone, teeth, body tissue, pathology slides

If your forensic sample type is not listed above, please call or email us to inquire before ordering the forensic test.

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