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A DNA test is lifelong. The information that you find out from your DNA test stays with you for life, and can drastically affect the rest of your life. Our laboratory proudly accepts the responsibility of performing this important test for you with confidence, professionalism, and care. Our laboratory specializes in DNA testing and will be able to help you obtain conclusive and reliable answers.

Listed below is the Code of Ethics for our laboratory. Our laboratory takes tremendous pride in the quality and care put into every test. We are proud to list our laboratory’s responsibilities and obligations to you, our patients.

Our laboratory code of ethics is intended to ensure appropriate and proper conduct. It sets forth the principles and standards of the laboratory and is intended to be used as a guide for all of our laboratory personnel in their activities and conduct.

Accurate, affordable DNA testing from an ISO 17025 and AABB accredited laboratory.

Featured Tests

  • DNA Paternity Test


    An entirely painless and non-intrusive DNA collection method designed for paternity testing and DNA analysis.

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  • DNA Sibling Test


    The sibling test offers an estimation of the probability that two individuals are either full siblings, half siblings, or unrelated.

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  • DNA Grandparentage Test


    The test will provide you with the likelihood that an alleged grandparent is the true biological grandparent of a grandchild.

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Guiding Principles Underlying Our Code of Ethics

1. Our responsibility to our patients and clients
Above all else, we believe that our first responsibility is to our patients and clients, to the families who rely upon us for our testing services. In meeting the needs of our clients, we must do everything in our capacity to provide our clients with the highest quality testing service using only the latest and most accurate DNA technology. Because testing accuracy, speed, pricing and reliability is strongly dictated by technology in the modern DNA laboratory, we must strive to always be on top of the latest testing technology, to be equipped with the newest and most advanced testing equipment, and to only provide the latest and most accurate service available to modern DNA technology. We must constantly strive to maintain reasonable prices. Accuracy is of utmost importance and we must not under any circumstances sacrifice accuracy. In the event that extra testing is required to reconfirm data for special cases, accuracy must never be sacrificed for speed or expense. Each individual case must be serviced promptly and accurately. We must maintain the privacy of our patients and we must never use patient samples and files for any purpose other than what it was originally intended.
2. Our responsibility to our employees
We must be fully responsible to our employees: to our technical staff, our laboratory staff, and office staff who work with us within our facility as well as to our hundreds of contract personnel and registered nurses who work off-site throughout the country. All of our staff must be respected as individuals and recognized for their merit. We must ensure that we always provide an equal opportunity for employment and development. The actions of our management team must be fair and ethical.
3. Our responsibility to our community
We must be responsible to our community in which we live and work. Our laboratory must strive to support charities and bear our fair share of taxes. We must encourage improvements in testing technology to ensure better, faster, and more affordable services. Our laboratory must ensure that we are mindful in the protection of our environment in our everyday conduct through proper recycling procedures.

A. The Laboratory Personnel

B. The Testing Facility

C. The Client

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