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Discover whether you carry mutations that elevate your risk of potentially harmful blood clots with this test.


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About this test

The DNA Thrombotic Risk Test can provide insight into whether you have an elevated risk of developing abnormal blood clots. This test specifically identifies variants in the F5, F2, and MTHFR genes that may be associated with an increased thrombotic risk.


Thrombosis is the formation of a blood clot within a blood vessel, which can obstruct the normal flow of blood through the circulatory system. Deep vein thrombosis (DVT), a common type of venous thrombosis, typically occurs in the leg and is characterized by symptoms such as pain, swelling, redness, and warmth in the affected area.

If you suspect you may have DVT, it is imperative to seek prompt medical attention, as the clot has the potential to detach and travel to other parts of the body.

It is worth noting that every year, more individuals succumb to complications related to blood clotting disorders than from the combined effects of breast cancer and HIV. You can determine your risk with a simple mouth swab using this DNA test.

Technical Info

The thrombotic risk test examines genetic alterations in three specific genes, each of which can increase the risk of thrombosis.

The tested variants are as follows:

  1. F5: The Factor V Leiden mutation (1691G>A).
  2. F2: The prothrombin mutation (20210G>A).
  3. MTHFR: Two mutations (677C>T and 1298A>C).

Since we inherit two copies of each gene (one from each parent), there are different combinations possible:

  • Homozygous Normal: Inheriting two normal copies of a gene.
  • Homozygous Mutant: Inheriting two copies carrying a genetic mutation.
  • Heterozygous: Inheriting one normal copy and one mutated copy of the gene.

These various combinations of the F5, F2, and MTHFR genes are associated with different levels of risk for thrombophilia (a tendency to form blood clots).

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