DNA Skin Health Test

This test identifies DNA variations that impact your skin’s health and condition.


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About this test

Give your skin the special care it deserves, from choosing the right products to adopting diets and habits that can enhance its beauty. Explore the individualized approach to skincare with the help of this DNA test and unlock its secrets. This test detects genetic variations that impact your skin health, including the likelihood of developing common skin conditions and sensitivity to sunlight. Find out the most effective strategies for achieving flawless skin with a painless sample collection process.


The condition of your skin serves as a valuable reflection of your overall health. Insufficient nutrients can manifest as pallid, lackluster skin, and specific irritants or dietary choices may incite inflammatory responses. Excessive sun exposure can contribute to heightened wrinkles and age spots.

This test identifies genetic variations that influence the health and appearance of your skin. While you can’t change your genes, there are numerous avenues to enhance your skin’s vitality.

By gaining insight into your unique genetic makeup, this test can help you make informed decisions about the most appropriate skincare products and treatment strategies tailored to your skin’s needs.

Technical Info

The following aspects related to skin health and appearance are tested:

  1. Cellulite: The presence of skin dimpling caused by alterations in the skin and fat tissue.
  2. Stretch marks: The occurrence of pale lines due to the tearing of the dermis layer of skin.
  3. Varicose veins: The presence of enlarged and twisted veins, often resulting from faulty leaflet valves and the pooling of blood.
  4. Rosacea: The presence of an inflammatory skin condition characterized by dilated blood vessels on the face.
  5. Glycation: The chemical bonding of sugar molecules, which can lead to impaired protein function and contribute to skin aging.
  6. Oxidation: The process that results in harmful free radicals damaging the skin.
  7. Wrinkles: The development of creases, folds, and ridges in the skin that become more pronounced with age.
  8. Age spots: The appearance of dark skin areas due to sun exposure and overproduction of melanin.
  9. Tanning: The darkening of skin in response to UV radiation.
  10. Eczema: A common inflammatory skin disorder characterized by itchiness and the presence of a rash.
  11. Ichthyosis vulgaris: A dry skin condition characterized by thick, dry scales.
  12. Psoriasis: An inflammatory skin condition characterized by itchy, scaly patches.
  13. Freckles: Hyperpigmented spots that are clearly visible, especially on fair skin.

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