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Do you trace your roots back to Europe? Identifies the most common hemochromatosis mutations in the HFE gene.


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About this test

Do you suspect European lineage in your ancestry? If so, you might have Viking roots. Viking descendants are more prone to carrying HFE mutations, which can increase the likelihood of hereditary hemochromatosis. To assess your potential risk, it’s advisable to contemplate undergoing a DNA test. Roughly one in nine individuals of European descent possesses at least one HFE mutation, while one in 200 inherits two flawed copies, elevating their vulnerability to hemochromatosis. This DNA test is designed to pinpoint the most common mutations within the HFE gene.


Hereditary hemochromatosis is the most prevalent genetic disorder in the western world. This condition is characterized by excessive absorption of iron from the diet, resulting in iron accumulation in organs and tissues, leading to organ damage and severe health complications.

Although iron accumulation starts early in life, symptoms typically do not manifest until later stages. Men, on average, develop symptoms between the ages of 30-50, whereas women are typically diagnosed after 50, about 10-15 years after menopause.

Early detection of hemochromatosis is crucial as it can be easily treated. Treatment involves the removal of excess iron from the bloodstream every 2-4 months. However, if the diagnosis is made at later stages after organ damage has occurred, the damage is irreversible.

Technical Info

This DNA test specifically identifies three specific variations in the HFE gene associated with a heightened susceptibility to hemochromatosis.

Risk of Symptoms
To be at an elevated risk of hemochromatosis, an individual must inherit two faulty copies of the HFE gene. Carriers, who possess one normal and one defective HFE gene, typically do not experience symptoms.

It’s important to note that many individuals with two defective HFE genes may not exhibit any signs of hemochromatosis. Other factors, such as additional genetic modifiers or external influences like alcohol abuse, may contribute to the manifestation of hemochromatosis in genetically predisposed individuals.

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