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Would you like to guarantee that you’re receiving the essential nutrients from your diet? Or are you struggling to determine the right supplement for your needs? Consider undergoing this DNA test to gain valuable insights.


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About this test

If you’re uncertain about whether your diet provides all the essential nutrients you need or if you’re struggling to select the right supplements, consider undergoing a DNA test. This test can help you determine:
  • How well your body absorbs, metabolizes, and utilizes vitamins and minerals.
  • Your risk of experiencing nutritional deficiencies.
By understanding your genetic predisposition, you can make more informed decisions about your nutritional needs and supplement choices.


Do you feel overwhelmed by the multitude of nutrition supplements available, or do you simply want to ensure that your dietary intake is balanced? Your genetic variation plays a key role in your body’s ability to absorb and utilize vitamins and minerals, which means there is no one-size-fits-all “wonder supplement” or “perfect diet” that works for everyone.

With just a simple mouth swab, we can analyze your DNA and provide you with tailored recommendations on how to improve your nutritional balance.

Technical Specifications

Numerous genetic variants play a role in how effectively we absorb, activate, and utilize specific vitamins and minerals. By gaining insight into your genetic variations, you can tailor your nutritional planning to better align with your individual needs.

Here’s what’s tested:

  1. Vitamin A:
    • BCO1: Affects the activation of vitamin A.
  2. Vitamin B6:
    • NBPF3: Increases the clearance of vitamin B6 from the body.
  3. Vitamin B12:
    • FUT2: Reduces the absorption of vitamin B12 in the gut.
  4. Vitamin C:
    • SLC23A1: Decreases the absorption and distribution of vitamin C.
  5. Vitamin D:
    • CYP2R1: Reduces the activation of vitamin D.
    • GC: Reduces the efficiency of vitamin D transport and uptake.
  6. Vitamin E:
    • APOA5: Influences vitamin E levels.
  7. Folate:
    • MTHFD1: Linked to folate-related disorders.
    • MTHFR: Affects the activation of folate.
  8. Iron:
    • TMPRSS6: Influences iron absorption from the diet.
    • TF: Influences iron transport.
  9. Omega-3:
    • NOS3: Influences triglyceride levels when omega-3 levels are low.

Understanding how these genetic variants impact your nutrient metabolism can guide you in making more informed choices regarding your dietary and supplement intake.

100% Confidentiality

As our client, your privacy is extremely important to us, and we hold all information provided us in strict confidentiality. We will never sell, resell or make available your personal, or financial information to other companies or organizations. You will only be contacted using the method you choose, to confirm your order or to discuss your case. All communication is in the strictest confidence, and for that reason, we require you to create a password that will restrict access to your case. In addition, our privacy policies that have been established in our laboratory and offices safeguard the security of your case.

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