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Do you find it challenging to maintain a healthy body weight? Taking this DNA test to uncover how your genetic makeup may be impacting your weight management.


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About this test

If you’ve struggled to maintain a healthy weight and haven’t seen success with trendy diets, it might be worthwhile to investigate how your genetics are influencing your weight management. Consider taking this DNA test to reveal how your genetic makeup could be playing a role in your weight-related challenges. This test examines genetic variations that can impact your body weight and offers insights into the most effective methods for achieving and sustaining weight loss over the long term. It provides personalized strategies to optimize your journey toward weight loss success.


If you are embarking on a weight loss journey, it may be beneficial to tailor your diet and lifestyle to your unique genetic makeup. This DNA test can unveil whether you:

  • Are sensitive to starch
  • Have a propensity for snacking
  • Struggle to feel satiated
  • Lack motivation to exercise
  • Have elevated blood sugar levels
  • And more!

By harnessing this knowledge, you can craft a personalized weight loss program that aligns with your specific requirements, thereby increasing your likelihood of success.

Technical Specifications

Appetite Suppression:

  • MC4R: Impairs the suppression of appetite.

Food Disinhibition:

  • NMB: Associated with a lack of control over food intake.

Diet Impact:

  • FTO: Influences energy intake, the impact of diet, and feelings of satiety.


  • SH2B1: Interferes with the signaling pathway for a hormone that promotes satiety.

Exercise Motivation & Response to Exercise:

  • BDNF: Affects exercise motivation.
  • ADRB2: Influences weight loss in response to exercise.

Fat Metabolism & Fatty Acid:

  • APOA2: Alters the metabolism of saturated fats.
  • FABP2: Increases the uptake of fatty acids.

Circadian Rhythm:

  • CLOCK: Disrupts the normal circadian rhythm.

Starch & Glucose Regulation:

  • AMY1: Reduces the ability to digest starch.
  • ADIPOQ: Disrupts normal glucose regulation.

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