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Are you facing challenges in your fitness journey? Explore how your DNA influences and shapes your path to better fitness.


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About this test

Uncover whether you are optimizing the advantages of your exercise routine with the help of this DNA test.
  • Learn which types of exercises are most compatible with your muscle type to enhance their effectiveness.
  • Assess your vulnerability to soft tissue injuries and Achilles tendinopathy.
  • Determine your pain tolerance level.


Are you encountering challenges when it comes to improving your physical fitness?

Your genetic makeup plays a role in your athletic performance, response to physical activity, susceptibility to injuries, and pain tolerance. Through this genetic test, you can create a personalized fitness plan tailored to your genetic profile, allowing you to maximize the benefits of your exercise routine.

Understanding your genetics can help you identify sports in which you may excel and enable you to customize your workout regimen and health goals. It’s worth noting that the genetic variations examined in this panel were predominantly studied in Caucasian populations, and the same associations may not necessarily apply to individuals of other ethnic backgrounds.

What's Tested?

Athletic Endurance

• PPARD – burning fat for energy
• VEGFA – blood vessel formation to improve oxygen supply
• ACE – blood pressure regulation and muscle efficiency
• ADRB2 – turning off the fight or flight response
• PPARA – slow-twitch versus fast-twitch muscle fibres

Response to Exercise

• PPARGC1A – aerobic capacity improvements
• PPARD – increases in “good”
• HDL-cholesterol
• MCT1 – ability to use lactate as an energy source

Strength Training

• ACVR1B – muscle signalling cascade that controls muscle mass and muscle strenght
• IL6 – messenger molecule and contributes to muscle growth

Athletic Power

• ACTN3 – the “sprinter” gene
• AGT – blood pressure regulation and growth hormone levels

Motivation, Recovery, Injury Risk and Pain Tolerance

• BDNF – exercise motivation
• CRP – heart rate recovery
• COL1A1 – risk of soft tissue injury
• COL5A1 – risk of Achilles tendinopathy
• COMT – pain tolerance and required morphine dose

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