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Many thanks for all your help. I have always wondered if I was actually the father of my son, so I got one of your discreet paternity tests. Your results helped to take a load off my shoulders. Keep up the good work!”
J. Randolph, Louisville, KY
“Your prompt results let me know the truth which was of great help since I am in the process of a messy divorce and wanted to be sure that my children are mine before settling on child support. Thanks.”
R. Johnson, Brooklyn, NY
“Thank you for your rapid courteous service in our family’s time of need.”
F. Gomes, Houston, TX
“Fast, affordable and courteous staff. Bless you!”
T. Hardy, Columbus, OH
“During a heated argument with my wife, she doubted that I was the father of our daughter only to later say that it was said in spite. What she had said has constantly bothered me, so I ordered one of your tests. After getting the results, I guess some of the things said in the heat of the moment, are true. Thank you for your help.”
B. Peterson, Los Angeles, CA
“My partner doubted that he was the father of my child, so to put things to rest I ordered one of your tests. Thanks to your fast results, he has no doubts.”
P. Williams, Chula Vista, CA
“I wanted to commend your staff for their outstanding help and understanding in one of our most difficult times. Their support through the whole process of the test helped to alleviate the stress associated with my paternity test. Bless you all!”
S. Jackson, Lincoln, NE
“When I ordered the test, I was worried that the test would be difficult to collect the samples, but once I got your kit it turned out to be easy to do. Thanks for the prompt results as well!”
D. Cooper, Oregon City, OR
Just wanted to thank everybody there for making my paternity test easy from start to finish
J. Moran, Phoenix, AZ
“Thank you! I love you all! Your results have helped to open a happy new chapter in the life of myself, my boyfriend and our new baby.”
T. Anderson, Lansing, MI
“I’m glad I found your website. I was dating a girl, however due to job relocation we decided to end the relationship. About a year later, she contacted me and broke the news that she had given birth and I am the father. I heard about paternity tests, but thought that I would need to have a doctor to collect the samples. After checking your website and getting a test, I found out that I could easily collect the samples myself and send them to your lab for testing. I never thought I would ever need a test, but I am glad I found your company.”
M. Thomas, Hartford, CT