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Determine if you possess the “warrior” gene associated with impulsive aggression and successful business decision-making.


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About this test

If aggression tends to be your immediate response to stress or if you attribute your business acumen to your genetic makeup, discover whether you carry the “warrior” gene associated with impulsive aggression and successful business decision-making. This test detects the “warrior” variant of the MAOA gene, where DNA changes result in lower levels of the MAOA enzyme. It’s worth noting that men are more likely to be affected by this genetic variant than women.


The term “warrior” gene pertains to a specific genetic variant of the MAOA gene, known for its association with aggressive behavior. The MAOA gene encodes the monoamine oxidase A enzyme, responsible for breaking down neurotransmitters—chemical messengers involved in transmitting signals from the brain throughout the body.

Individuals with the “warrior” gene exhibit lower levels of monoamine oxidase A, disrupting the normal breakdown of neurotransmitters. This accumulation has been linked to an increased risk of aggressive and antisocial behavior. Interestingly, the same gene is associated with making more successful business decisions.

Through a simple mouth swab, this DNA test provides conclusive results on whether you have inherited the “warrior” gene.

Technical Specifications

A easy DNA test can determine the specific form of the MAOA gene inherited by an individual, providing insights into its potential effects.

Genetic Information in This Test: The MAOA gene, located on the X-chromosome, is crucial for this analysis. Men, inheriting only one X chromosome, have a single version of MAOA. If a man inherits the “warrior” gene, its impact is more likely.

Women, with two X chromosomes, can inherit two different gene versions. Even if a woman inherits one copy of the “warrior” gene, its effects are less likely to manifest, as she also carries one normal version of MAOA.

The test examines the number of repeats in the regulatory region of the MAOA gene, with five variants featuring different repeat numbers: 2, 3, 3.5, 4, and 5.

  • Individuals with 3.5 or 4 repeats have the MAOA-H allele, producing high levels of monoamine oxidase A.
  • Those with 2, 3, or 5 repeats possess the MAOH-L allele, commonly known as the “warrior” gene.

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