DNA Cardiovascular Health Risk Test

Your risk of experiencing a heart attack can be influenced by your genetic makeup. Discover whether you are at risk of Cardiovascular disease.


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About this test

Evaluating your risk to cardiovascular disease is of paramount importance, as genetic factors influenced by family history can significantly affect the probability of suffering a heart attack. To ascertain your potential risk, contemplate undergoing the DNA Cardiovascular Health Test. This test covers genetic variants linked to lipid levels, encompassing cholesterol and triglycerides. By gaining insight into your risk and adopting appropriate measures, you can protect and promote your heart health.


Cardiovascular disease encompasses a wide range of disorders, many of which result in narrowed or obstructed blood vessels leading to angina, heart attacks, and strokes. This group of diseases is the leading cause of death globally, responsible for more than 30% of all deaths.

While lifestyle choices such as physical inactivity, unhealthy eating habits, and smoking increase the risk of heart problems, certain “hidden” factors such as genetic variants can also contribute to the risk of heart attacks. With just a simple mouth swab, we can determine if you have inherited DNA changes that affect your heart’s health.

What’s Included In The Test?

Cardiovascular disease is linked to a multitude of genetic variants, where certain variants elevate the risk of developing cardiovascular disease, while others may provide a protective effect.

  • ANGPTL4, APOA5, FADS1, GALNT2, HNF4A, LIPG, MMAB – Reduced “good” HDL-cholesterol
  • CETP, LCAT, LIPC, LPL – Elevated “good” HDL-cholesterol
  • APOB, FADS1, LDLR, NCAN, PCSK9, SORT1, SUGP1 – Reduced “bad” LDL-cholesterol
  • HMGCR, HNF1A, TRIB1 – Elevated “bad” LDL-cholesterol
  • LPA – Elevated lipoprotein(a)
  • CRP, GCKR – Elevated C-reactive protein (CRP)
  • APOA5, FADS1, GALNT2, GCKR, NOS3, TRIB1 – Elevated triglycerides
  • ANGPTL3, LPL, MLXIPL, NCAN – Reduced triglycerides
  • 9p21 – Decreased control of cell proliferation

100% Confidentiality

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