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DNA Maternal Ancestry Test

Trace your maternal ancestry using mtDNA

Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) is DNA that is found in the mitochondria of cells. Both males and females have mtDNA so both males and females can take the mtDNA test. mtDNA is passed down strictly from mother to child along the direct maternal line. The matrilineal inheritance pattern of mtDNA means that all people who descended from the same matrilineal ancestral lineage will have exactly the same mtDNA profile.

mtDNA testing allows you to trace the ancestry of your direct maternal lineage (your mother’s, mother’s, mother’s… maternal lineage). Using your mtDNA results, you can find out whether you are linked to any other individual along your direct maternal line; you can search a global database to seek potential long lost maternal line relatives from around the world; and you can find out which ancient mtDNA Haplogroup you belong to.

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mtDNA full sequencing (HVR1, HVR2 and Coding) + mtDNA Haplogroup Determination + mtDNA Subclade Determination